What to Do If Your Car Engine Is Overheating

What to Do If Your Car Engine Is OverheatingThe engine is the most expensive and complex component of any standard vehicle. When it begins to overheat, it can be for a number of reasons; including clogged radiator, bad thermostat, low coolant, broken fan belt, broken cooling fan, coolant leak, and more. But the underlying reason behind any overheating engine is due to the vehicle’s cooling system losing its ability to regulate and remove excess heat from the motor. Although an unpleasant predicament to be in, when your car overheats while driving, it’s important to not panic. Continue reading for an instructional guide for safely and efficiently managing an overheating engine on the road.

Managing an Overheated Car Engine

Whether you notice your dashboard’s temperature gauge climbing, or see smoke bellowing from underneath your hood, when an engine begins to overheat, it is critical to stop the vehicle as soon as possible. This means pulling over to the side of the road, shoulder of the interstate, into a parking lot, or neighborhood development. No matter where you are, you must immediately

Crucial Tips for Choosing Body Shops

Crucial Tips for Choosing Body ShopsMany people aren’t expert mechanics or technicians. Nevertheless, accidents happen. Regardless of the damage your car experienced, finding the best repair service is a very stressful process that is emotionally and financially draining. With these tips, you can get your automobile back in working order, pay fair prices, and avoid the hassle of re-repairing inferior work.


If you’ve just experienced an accident, you’re definitely panicked and worried. Choosing a facility at that moment isn’t the best idea. Do some online research for customer feedback and reports on prices, services, and deals. If possible, check the body shops beforehand and be aware of which ones are in your area. Learn as much as you can about reputations and user complaints. Always try to visit the facility before making a decision.


Ask the shop owner/worker how often they handle your car model. Visually inspect the cleanliness and professionalism of the workers, the tools, materials, and the shop. Are the workers friendly and willing to answer your questions? Take note of these little details,

Tips for Finding a Collision Repair Service

Tips for Finding a Collision Repair ServiceYou’ve been in an auto accident and you’ve escaped unscathed, but what about your car? You need to find a trusted collision repair center that can fix your car, both cosmetically and mechanically. You don’t want to employ an unreliable mechanic and waste money on repair after repair, nor do you want your car covered in mismatched or cheap, flaky paint. Use this guide to learn how to identify a good collision repair center and avoid unreliable service.

Naturally, the biggest concern when your car needs body work is cost. Estimates from different body shops can differ dramatically, but choosing the cheaper option may result in a poor quality job. Use these tips to help distinguish between when it’s alright to take a lower price and when it’s too risky.


Listen to any recommendations from your friends, family, and acquaintances. They may have had a successful experience with a collision repair shop and may even have a contact number. This gives you a chance to find local businesses which may not be

Car Starter Motor System

Car Starter Motor SystemTurning on the ignition sparks a series of events that eventually ensure that the car runs the engine and it is ready for use by the driver. First the battery power flows to the solenoid before it sends currents to the starter motor pushing the starter gear to engage the flywheel after which the motor is awakened to turn the crankshaft of the engine. If the starter system is functional then the engine will start. This is a process that takes milliseconds to happen and faulty starter motors will not work and instead require repair or replacement. The starter system is made up of a number of components which might be what needs to be replaced or repaired so they can work together to make the starting process swift.

Ignition – It is the part where the car keys enter and it’s next to your steering wheel. The lock cylinder where the key fits turns the switch connecting the starter and the battery. It therefore ought to be in a position to engage the starter.

Starter motor

Tips On How To Recondition Your Rechargeable Batteries

Tips On How To Recondition Your Rechargeable BatteriesIn today’s society we spend a lot of money on batteries. Whether they be of the non-rechargeable type or the rechargeable type. Lets face it batteries are a very important part of how we do things and when they break down they cost money to replace. This is very evident when the battery dies in our laptop or smart phone. Have you ever tried to replace these batteries. What about that lead acid battery in you car or truck? Not only do you have to buy a replacement battery, but you may also end up paying somebody to replace it. With this in mind have you thought about reconditioning these batteries, instead of replacing them? Here are a number of tips describing how reconditioning the various batteries we use in our daily life can be achieved.

1. Lead Acid Battery – This is the type of battery is found in your car or truck. They have an indicator built into them to tell use when the battery is good or bad. When the indicator

Common Air Suspension Challenges

Common Air Suspension ChallengesAir suspension involves suspending vehicles, mechanized by using pumps run by electricity or engines. The main function of the compressor is to pump the air into adjustable bellows. The bellows are inflated by the pressure and the chassis is raised from the axle. Some of the common air suspension challenges which can lead to malfunctioning of vehicles are:

• Air-bag failure – This phenomenon mainly occurs due to decay or rust in the interior region of the conditioning system. With the passage of time rubber dries out, leading to failure of air suspension parts. Constant pressure put by debris while driving on the road could also lead to puncturing of bags.. At times, bags are not installed properly. This could lead to their constantly rubbing with the frame of the vehicle and ultimately getting damaged. Another factor could be failure of air springs.

• Air line failure – This defect occurs due to the inability of the tubing system to perform its duties properly. This failure occurs when the bags constantly scratch against the chassis of the

Factors That Affect Oil Change Intervals

Factors That Affect Oil Change IntervalsBecause modern vehicles are stronger, cleaner, and more durable than those of yesteryear, most automotive experts believe that changing motor oil every 3,000 miles is overkill. Depending on the make and model, some cars and trucks can safely travel upwards of 5,000 miles between changes. Car owners’ manuals are starting to reflect this growing consensus with longer oil change intervals. There are, however, exceptions that may affect manufacturer’s recommendations. Here are five of them.

1. Hard Driving

Almost as important as the actual mileage is the type of driving an owner does regularly. If he uses the car or truck to tow a trailer or pull heavy loads, that will invariably put more stress on the engine, causing it to operate at higher temperatures. Because extreme heat destroys the lubricating ability of oil through excessive oxidation, it will need to be switched out more often. In addition to towing heavy loads, driving on bumpy, unpaved road surfaces often puts more stress on the motor, causing it to run hotter than it normally would.


Top Risks to Avoid When Changing a Wheel on Your Car

Top Risks to Avoid When Changing a Wheel on Your CarIf you are unlucky enough to get a puncture while out and about, it’s relatively easy to quickly change to your spare wheel.

True, it does involve a bit of physical strength and the chances are that you’re going to get grubby as you go along. Even so, comparatively few people would need to call the garage out in such an eventuality.

In fact, the Internet is full of quick guides relating to “how to change a wheel in an emergency“.

While most of those are undoubtedly great, there are a few ‘don’t do’ points that you should keep in mind all the time. Failing to do so just might be dangerous, so we’ll run through them quickly here. These will be second nature to experienced or professional drivers such as luxury limousine hire chauffeurs and taxi drivers.


Try to jack your car up if you are on a hill.

Jack up your car if there is a camber on the road, meaning

Why You Shouldnt Let Your Car Go Without an Oil Change This Winter

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Car Go Without an Oil Change This WinterWant to extend the life of your vehicle? Make it run faster? Improve its performance? You’ve come to the right place! You don’t have to be an auto technician to understand the many benefits of getting an oil change this winter. You’ve probably been told that you should change the oil in your vehicle every three months or once you’ve passed so many miles. But getting an oil change during the winter can be extremely beneficial, especially if your car becomes a little temperamental during this time of the year. Here are three benefits of having your oil changed by a professional.

1. Remove debris

Dirt, debris, and general grime can quickly build up in your engine, and this can cause damage to your vehicle over time if it’s not sorted – especially if you drive in dusty conditions. The solution? Get your oil changed! Removing and cleaning the filters will protect your car’s engine and improve its performance in a few simple steps that won’t break the

Preparing Your Car for Winter Driving

Preparing Your Car for Winter DrivingPreparing your car for winter is the best way to prepare yourself for the challenges of winter driving. From your car not wanting to start on a frigid morning, to lacking the traction you need to maintain control on the road, you can find yourself even more frustrated if you’re not taking the extra steps to help you get your vehicle ready for the winter.

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter

There are several ways you can prepare according to the Car Care Council, a consumer education program that encourages car owners to “Be Car Care Aware.”

  1. Check your battery. Cold weather is not a friend of your battery, so make sure that you have your battery and charging system checked and ready to go before the temperature dips.
  2. Make sure your cooling system is filled with antifreeze. Every two years, you should also have the system flushed out and refilled with new antifreeze.
  3. Verify that your wiper blades work properly and are sharp enough to handle winter snow and slush. Make sure to have

How to Ensure Wheel Safety

How to Ensure Wheel SafetyIt is very important to keep the wheels of your car in excellent form and condition to ensure that you have a safe journey. When it comes to safety all eyes are usually on the driver. No two drivers are the same but safety always comes first no matter who is driving. Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your car, so maintaining and checking it regularly is recommended.

For a safe journey, make sure that your wheels are in proper working condition to avoid any trouble on the road. It is essential that you check the wheel alignment before a road trip as this can cause accidents if it is not properly checked and corrected.

Investing in quality wheels is a good way to ensure wheel safety. Check the reputation and track record of the wheel manufacturer so that you can be sure of its safety. Quality wheels can last you quite a long time and is a good way to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.


Steps To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

winterWinter is coming, so now is a great time to bring your car in to prepare for the season’s cold and rainy conditions. You want to be sure to keep your car safe and efficient, so you don’t have to worry about driving during inclement weather. Whether you are driving to work or driving your kids to school, it’s important to keep your car running in top shape all winter long. Schedule an appointment today with a trusted auto shop to make sure your car is ready to take on winter’s icy temperatures and slick roads.

Here is a list of items to have check:

Tire Inspection – You want to check the tire pressure to ensure that it is at the right level for winter’s lower temperatures. Cold temperatures can make your tire pressure drop, causing issues with the tire’s stability. Properly inflated tires grip the road better, and can also offer greater protection against pot holes. Don’t forget to check the pressure on your spare tire, too. Also take a look at the tread on your tires and

What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Fluid Change

What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Fluid ChangeOne of the first things new drivers learn about automotive maintenance is how to check the motor oil in their car. They are also instructed to have the liquid changed every three to five thousand miles. Failure to do so could damage vital engine parts and put their rides at risk. This maintenance is essential to a car’s operation, but it applies to more than just motor oil. Transmission fluid is just as important.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps the gears and, in turn, the car moving smoothly. It is part of a closed system and, unlike motor oil, the liquid should never run low. As such, most motorists mistakenly believe it never needs to be changed. Many drive for years needing a transmission fluid change. What are the dangers?

When the liquid breaks down, it can no longer provide adequate lubrication to the gears in your car. For some drivers, this deterioration may never cause a major issue, but for others it could cause serious damage. Now, you might be

Change Your Flat Tire With Ease

Change Your Flat Tire With EaseMy wife, for instance, has never had to change a flat tire in her life, but she definitely knows what to do if she ever does have this unfortunate event happen to her. Most of us in the public try to take good care of our tires, and replace them when the tread starts to get too low. That is great but you never know when you may run over a sharp object and get a flat, even though your tires may be in great shape or even new.

This is a quick little run down on what to know and steps to take when changing a flat tire. I am sure there are more tips than this, but these are good universal tips for all of us.

Pull your vehicle as far over or even off the main road if possible for safety.

Locate the jack and tire wrench in your vehicle. If you are unsure where it is, pull out the manual and look it up. Many times it is

Steps to Repair a Cracked Windshield

Steps to Repair a Cracked WindshieldYou must always know the right way of completing certain household jobs. The household jobs we are talking about here doesn’t involve day-to-day jobs such as washing clothes, cleaning utensils and cooking. Here, we are using the term household jobs for tasks that must be completed for keeping your home and your belongings in good shape. In other words, these are tasks that you must perform for proper maintenance of your home and belongings.

If you want to be an ideal family man or homemaker, you must know how to do minor repair and maintenance works. This article will educate you about the steps of repairing a cracked windshield. We hope you know what a windshield is. It’s the front window of your car.

The windshield of your car can get damaged after being hit by a stick, a small stone, or any other roadside debris. There is no need to getting a chipped or cracked windshield replaced by a new one. You can easily seal and repair it without any professional help. However, make

Cars Computers and Safety

Cars, Computers and SafetyThere have been many reports in the media recently about the increasing use of computers in cars. In the USA there have been disturbing accounts of hackers gaining access to computers on the current generation of vehicles and taking over control of door and boot (trunk) locks and even stopping the engine. Car manufacturers have been accused by computer experts of not being aware of vulnerabilities in their systems. Yet the trend is to use more and more computers, even to the level of total control in driverless cars. This must pose a real risk of future hackers being able to cause traffic chaos, leading to multiple accidents, injuries and deaths.

Driverless cars are under test in England in two cities: Bristol and Milton Keynes. The concept of a city in which every vehicle is computer-controlled and completely free of accidents is attractive. Mobile telephones would no longer need to be banned and even seat belts might become unnecessary. All passengers would be free to read the newspaper, watch television or surf the web. However, computers in cars

Inspecting Your Car Before a Long Trip

Inspecting Your Car Before a Long TripBefore making a long summer trip, you need to make sure that your vehicle is in perfect running condition. For this purpose, you may just need to first make a short trip to a car inspection station as professionals will check your car in detail and you will be all set to hit the road without any roadblocks.

Car inspection usually requires several things. Following are some of the key aspects of a vehicle inspection process:

Are there are Any Major Works Required?

Primarily you need to get your car inspected for any major repairs that you might have been ignoring for some time. It is suggested to get this done at least a month in advance at a car inspection station in your area. This will give you enough time to monitor any issues that may arise after the servicing or repair.

Checking Your Auto’s Coolant

Next, comes checking and maintaining your car’s coolant, which is a mixture of antifreeze and water. Coolant is required to prevent overheating. At the

Five Ways To Save On Auto Body Repair

Five Ways To Save On Auto Body RepairWhether it’s a small scratch or a cavernous dent, damage to your vehicle can cost a pretty penny. Worse yet, there’s really no way to know how expensive it will be, since auto body repair varies from places to place. With that said, there are steps you can take that should save you some coin. Here are a handful of them.

1. Check Labor Rates

Even if they work in the same garage, collision repair specialists typically make more than mechanics or service technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, their average salary is about $20 an hour. But because experience and location play a big role in compensation, hourly wages can range between $10 and $60 an hour. And because the cost of labor is often the largest expense in any auto body repair job, it behooves you to investigate labor rates in advance. You might find that one garage charges significantly more because they employ more experienced collision repair professionals. And while it may be worth it to pay extra

Need an AC Compressor for Your Car

AC Compressor for Your CarWhen driving your vehicle, you probably don’t give much thought to the myriad parts that are keeping it running. That is, until an unexpected problem occurs and your car isn’t functioning as it should. Your AC compressor gets a lot of use and works to provide cool air on hot days, so when something goes wrong, you are going to notice.

Reasons for a Malfunctioning Compressor

Compressor problems are actually quite common. What most people don’t realize, however, is that this component is under more stress than any other part of the AC system. So without regular maintenance, you’ll almost definitely have some issues.

Common Problems

Usually, the cause of an AC problem is obvious; if it isn’t, you can begin to identify it by checking the compressor for anything that seems amiss. A few of the most common clues that there might be something wrong include the following:

Odd Noises – A faulty compressor can cause odd noise to come from the appliance.

Reduced Cooling – You’ll begin to feel a difference in

Suspension Systems An Important Component of Your Car

Suspension Systems - An Important Component of Your CarLooking forward to maintaining your car so that you can handle it in a better way? Need some good car maintenance tips? Why not focus on improving your car’s auto suspension and instantly improve the overall performance of your vehicle!

Improving car suspension systems have been a very nerve-racking task to bear away. Believe it or not, you may never know how well the handling of your vehicle is until it’s too late. Accident avoidance usually puts a vehicle’s handling to the extreme test. Gearing up your vehicle for these emergency maneuvers may be the difference between getting off the route and maintaining dominance. Improving handling is easy with today’s automotive technologies, and it permits you to ride with bigger surety and trust. Don’t wait for an accident or a close call before you raise your car suspension. The most important section of this system is to make sure that the tires maintain their level of contact with the pavement, and this job is likewise more difficult in a muscle car than in